Pipe Recovery

Dialog personnel have experience in all types of tubing, coiled tubing, casing and drill pipe in addition to experience in deviated, horizontal, high temperature and/or high... (read more)

Pump Down
Perforating Services

In the major shale basins throughout the United States, the pump down perforating crews at Dialog have years of experience providing efficient, safe and quality pump... (read more)

Logging and
Completion Services

The experienced professionals at Dialog have experience in vertical and horizontal logging and completion services from assisting with pre-job planning to... (read more)

Commitment to Our Customers

Dialog is committed to meeting your most stringent demands and standing behind our well site performance. By listening intently, we are able to develop unique, value-added solutions for you, our Customer. Our goal is to grow long term relationships by providing quality service before, during, and after the job. 

We have recruited the best personnel with the experience and training to perform pipe recovery, logging, completion and pump down perforating services. We have invested in state of the art downhole tools, equipment and accessories, and software answer products in order to improve service capabilities and service quality.

Dialog is committed to the health, safety and environment culture and performance results that are the recognized leader by our customers, employees, competitors and community. We understand that obtaining and maintaining this culture and these results will only come from a total commitment by all employees.

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