Dialog will make continuous efforts to attain the highest level of health and safety for our employees and the public. We will provide safe workplaces by continually eliminating or mitigating risks at the wellsite to our employees. Dialog strives to comply with all legislation and regulations that impact our business. Furthermore, in order to be an industry recognized leader in health, safety and environmental protection, we must:

    • Involve our employees through training, participation, and effective communication.


    • Prevent recurrence of injuries and/or hazardous conditions by investigating and continually improving our business practices.


    • Recognize good health, safety and environmental performance within the business.


    • Partner with clients to incorporate their objectives in our program and to achieve performance improvements.


    • Encourage our contractors and suppliers to adopt our HSE standards.


    • Strive to prevent environmental pollution or contamination.


  • Set objectives and targets to help deliver continuous performance improvement.
PEC Safety