Stuck pipe is a subject no oil company or drilling contractor really likes to discuss. This condition has existed since man first started drilling wells, and probably will continue to exist as long as drilling and workovers are in progress.

Advanced technology will eliminate some of the problems, but human error and mechanical failures will continue to be factors contributing to this problem.

Pipe can get stuck even when all preventative measures have been taken, and recovering it is an expensive, discouraging, time consuming operation. Special tools and services are needed. One of these services is wire line pipe recovery.

Wire line pipe recovery work has become a technical, scientific service. It requires specialized, competent, highly trained personnel. Dialog Wireline Services, through years of experience, research, and technical training, offers this, plus all wire line services related to pipe recovery. It is our objective to relate some of the problems that occur and some of our services that are used when pipe becomes stuck for various reasons. Our objective is to assist in the recovery of pipe from a well in the most efficient and economical manner possible.

This is a generalized discussion of hole problems which may differ from area to area. Familiarity with lithology of a particular area; therefore, is essential.