Our Specialists can be called out anytime you have a problem. Tools are suitcased, can be flown anywhere in the world and are capable of operating off of any Electricline unit. Solutions are our business.

Dialog Wireline Services, L.L.C. is proud to present their Emergency Response Team which is comprised of our finest personnel.  The team currently has five members and they are proficient in every situation.  The team was designed for the most hostile well situations imaginable.  Our Specialists have over a century of experience from surface to 30,000 feet and beyond 500Ëš F.  We at Dialog believe that pipe recovery personnel have lost the art of "Pipe Recovery" and have transformed "Pipe Recovery" into "Plug & Abandon" Services.  The art of Freepointing and Backing Pipe Off has turned into Cutting and Sidetracking thus losing valuable hole depth, and creating a need for additional well turns.  Pipe Recovery is just that, PIPE RECOVERY.  Our Specialists can be called out anytime, anywhere and can work off of any electricline unit - even our own.